They loved it, it's your turn

Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer, big or small, good with your hands or not, come and make your own board to Shaper House! Our comprehensive course options offer the possibility to be accompanied by a professional throughout the manufacturing process. Choosing the type of deck and our professional shapers are there to guide you to create your ideal surfboard.

Saw, sand, ride!

You prefer urban riding? We now offer the experience shape of a skateboard! From the choice of outline, through cutting and customization, our professionals are there to guide you in making your board. Several types of plates are now available, from traditional skateboard, longboard in via the mini cruiser. Boards 1st quality Canadian maple pressed by hydraulic machine. We also offer you the opportunity to equip your skateboard YOW the technology to recall the feeling of surfing on the asphalt.

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