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Subscription € 90 / Month

Full description

We offer to manufacture your surfboards, unlimited access to our professional infrastructure.

  • 3 shaping bays
  • 2 glassing bays
  • 2 sanding bays
  • The existing equipment, power tools and manual tools shape, laminating, sanding...

How does it works

The sharing of facilities between participants and organizes:

  • Access to rooms must be booked a maximum of 1 slot / day and a maximum of 4 hours. the booking is possible online at:
  • The reservation must be consumed before they can enroll in a new time slot = 1 single niche booked in advance, to allow rotation and ensure short-term access to all members.
  • Blanks, resin, glass fiber and other consumables are not included in the delivery.

For amateurs making more than 2 boards/month, the subscription is 150€

Info and subscription

On site, by email at or +33 (0) 5 59 47 65 33