Complete shaping experience : Make your own surfboard

Complete course

Discovery course

In the program

Design of the board

  • Coffee and meeting with your teacher
  • Draw together your model on the Shape 3D software


  • Our factory KKL Pre-shape your machine.
  • It'll only finish Preshape to move to the next step (rails, nose, tail ...)
  • Viewing the board via the 3D software to define the project
  • Full Shape of the board in hand
  • Finishing shape to take the next step


  • Strafification, white resin work
    Tinted resin optional
  • Plugs set-up
  • Stratification below
  • Stratification above
  • Resin finish (hotcoat) above.
  • Resin finish (hotcoat) below.
  • Sanding

What we provide

  • Package tooling
  • 1 PU foam blanks, classic stringer
  • Resin and fiberglass
  • All consumables
  • Mask and protection provided

Take your time

  • Around 16 hours of work for a shortboard or a longboard without options, we can handle it depending on your availabilities. 4 full days for a Stand Up Paddle (mandatory epoxy optional).
  • This is indicative time, there is no obligation to finish in time.
  • Allow 2 hours for extra tinted resin or spray option; an additional half day to polish option and an additional half day option for EPS / Epoxy

How to book?

We will contact you to find a time slot that suits you best.
You come and shape!


Carbon Patch 30 €
Tinted resin 80 €
Tinted resin > 7'0 150 €
Polish 90 €
Polish > 7'0 135 €
EPS - Epoxy 150 €
Spray 40 €

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